UCD Lyons Research Farm

Funding is provided for the research programme for the Development of a high-output grass-based spring milk production system. This research programme commenced at the beginning of January 2019, and will continue until the end of 2023.


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The aim is to

  • To incorporate the most recent advances in grassland management for dairy farms
  • Use a type of dairy cow that did not exist 15 years ago that has high milk output and fertility
  • Employ the best practices from nutrition research and dairy cow husbandry

The research will

  • Continue to evaluate a higher output spring system
  • Produce KPIs suitable for high out grass based milk production (grass, milk, fertility).
  • Optimise cow genotype in the system
  • Evaluate different nutritional strategies and management strategies in the system

Dissemination is via

  • Weekly notes published on the Lyons Farm Website
  • Hosting industry groups on an ongoing basis
  • Reports in the main agricultural media