Food Research by Teagasc

The second main Programme receiving funding is for Food Research conducted by the Teagasc Food Research Centre. This Programme has been running for many years.


Fresh Dairy Products

Long term ongoing projects include research on milk quality (monitoring and oversight of residues and microbiology in milk and milk products) and genomic approaches to monitoring milk quality. It also includes Technical Services for the Dairy Industry such as analytical services for milk composition, and the impact of seasonality, diet, genetics etc on the chemical and functional quality of milk.

Microscopy 1
Microscopy. Source: Teagasc
Cheesemaking Checking Ph
Cheesemaking Checking pH. Source: Teagasc

Research projects which are being funded for the period 2023 to 2026 are:

  1. The impact of methane-reducing feed additiveson milk composition and quality.
  2. Valorisation of colostrum and milk fat globular membrane fractions.
  3. The impact of casein-to-whey protein ratio and casein variants on cheese making efficiency and whey protein yields.
  4. Assessing nitrogen conversion factors for milk proteins.
  5. Viruses employed to engineer rumen microbiomes and upgrade sustainability.

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