Assisted Reproductive Technologies Teagasc

This project, to be undertaken by Teagasc, was approved for funding in March 2021.

The project will establish a methodology to use Assisted Reproductive Technologies to intensively select for genetic improvement in dairy bulls and beef breed bulls suitable for use in the dairy herd.

Steady On

This is necessary to continue rapid genetic gain in the face of greater sexed semen usage, which will diminish the number of male dairy calf births.

It will also test the economic feasibility of using embryos with greater than 75% beef breed genetics on dams not suitable for generating replacement heifers. The aim is to transform the dairy herd calf crop to a combination of high genetic merit dairy female calves and premium quality beef calves.

There will be three complimentary studies

  • Evaluate the potential to accelerate genetic gain in dairy cattle (EBI).
  • Evaluate the potential to accelerate genetic gain in beef bulls suitable for use on the dairy herd (DBI).
  • Evaluate the potential to use low cost beef embryos to impregnate dams that are not suitable for generating replacements (commercial beef).