About Dairy Research Ireland

What is it?

The Dairy Research Trust Co-operative, which will be known as “Dairy Research Ireland” (DRI) was formed to administer the dairy research levy which is collected from dairy farmers in Ireland. It manages the collection of money, and allocates funding to research programmes which are selected by DRI.

The purpose is to fund programmes which will provide farmers and industry with information which will improve efficiency, or increase returns, leading to improved profitability.

How does it operate?

The current contribution by milk producers amounts to 0.036 cent/litre. In Ireland,  Dairy Research Ireland dairy farmer funding amounts to approximately €1.80 per cow (or approximately €125 per dairy farmer). This generates an annual contribution of over €2m. The Board of Dairy Research Ireland decides on research priorities and invites proposals from recognized research organizations for production and food research. Approximately 70% of the funds are used for production research, with the balance of 30% for food research.

Benefits of DRT funded research

Dairy Research Ireland includes the main stakeholders (ICOS, IFA and ICMSA) to oversee the effective use of dairy producers financial contribution to dairy research (the “dairy levy”). Dairy Research Ireland sets the priorities for research which is it willing to fund, and invites research proposals for research programmes from research organizations which meet these priorities.

Dairy Research Ireland has emphasized that it will fund programmes which will generate a financial benefit which can be quantified and can be completed within a specified time frame.